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About Us
John E. Keenan is the President and owner of Mid-Atlantic Contractors. John grew up in Philadelphia with 5 brothers and sisters. When he graduated high school he went into the Service. After the Service he was married and got his business degree at LaSalle University in 1972. He then worked for the family owned construction company as a carpenter forman until he was hired as a construction superintendent at Acme Marble and Granite in Louisiana. There he began building his knowledge and expertise in the cemetery construction industry. Acme was one of the first and largest mausoleum building companies, and therefore was a great company to gain knowledge from. After working for Acme for 6 years John decided to move back home and start his own cemetery construction company and so began Mid-Atlantic. Now for over 40 years John continues to build his reputation of being an excellent craftsman while also being fair and honest. He does his absolute best to satisfy his clients in every way and it is reflected in our many return clients.

Today Mid-Atlantic Contractors has a trusted core of skilled professionals composed of dedicated family and faithful longtime employees, all of which stand eager to help you now and in the future. The superior quality of our finalized products is met only through our grueling attention to detail and constant consulting and collaboration with our clients. There is nothing we can not do as long as we understand what you want. We will work diligently for you until your demands are completely met. We have a plethora of experience in every aspect of designing, building and selling cemetery structures. Therefore we know exactly what is needed to maximize the monetary value of your property.
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